Friday, January 4, 2013

2 years ago today....

An amazing little boy came into this world.  A young woman whose heart was full of love for him had to make an extremely difficult decision.  I do know that this was difficult for her and my heart breaks for her today while at the same time I am full of joy that I am able to celebrate with this special, amazing, fun toddler!!! 

DS is 2!  Here are a few things about our sweet boy:
*He loves vehicles!  He calls them all "bahngs" (truck in Korean)
*His Mong-Mong (puppy) is still his favorite possession and has been the most consistent thing in his life over the past 2 years.
*He adores his siblings!  He wants to be like them and play with them.
*He thinks annoying his siblings is funny!  We're working on this one...
*He does not hit or scream nearly as much anymore.  He doesn't bite really at all (hopefully I'm not jinxing myself)
*Both of us love bottle time when I sing and we giggle and play.  It's not a quiet time at all but he makes tons of eye contact and still manages to sleep well afterwards!
*He is a SOCIAL BUTTERFLY!  This is a surprise to us!  This is an aspect of his personality that didn't show itself until very recently.  I'm sure part is due to age, but part is due to the fact that he was fairly anxious even with his Foster Family in Korea.  He loved them dearly but I think with all of the transition he never felt permanent anywhere.  With all the work we have done with attachment I feel like he's starting to feel like he may be a permanent part of our family!!!

I am so excited to see what the coming year brings.  Pics to come after cake and gifts today.  I know from Christmas that this boy is a huge fan of unwrapping so B and E helped me to wrap and double wrap the gifts!  We even pulled out some of Ben's old toys that he hasn't seen and wrapped those.  Since he got so much for Christmas and birthday while we were visiting family we didn't need to bring much more into the house, but we wanted him to have the joy of unwrapping for his birthday so this works really well.  We're also taking down most of the gates and moving one to in front of the older kids' rooms.  He'll now be allowed in the whole house (toy room!  woohoo!!!) except for B and E's rooms. 

Happy Birthday sweet boy.  I don't think we can ever express how much we love you.  It took time but the love we have for you is so full that our hearts overflow!  We are so blessed to have our 3 amazing children whom we all love so much!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's the 4th in Korea!

It's January 4th in Korea and it makes me think about DS's birth mom.  Is she waking up this morning thinking about her sweet boy.  I don't like to presume anything about her, but as a mother I have a hard time imagining that it doesn't cross her mind.  I pray that she is at peace and that she knows that DS is loved beyond imagination! 

I know I have been a HORRIBLE blogger since he came home, but it's my New Year's Resolution to do a better job at keeping people updated on our family happenings!  Tomorrow will be a post about Daniel's birthday but then I'll backtrack with some Christmas stories and also an overall update of how we're all doing now vs. a few months ago when I last posted.  :)