Saturday, February 11, 2012

Update! :)

I can not begin to tell you how happy I am that we got an update. When I first opened it there were just 4 pictures. They were beautiful but sad because my little boy is scared of strangers. You could see the tears in his eyes and it broke my heart. Thankfully when Brian and I finally sat down together to look at the CD there were a lot more pictures including a few happy ones, and some awesome video of our boy. You can tell that his foster family adores him and that he really loves his foster Mom and foster sister (who was also in the pictures). I can't wait to meet them. I hope we have the opportunity to meet the foster siblings, but I'm not sure we will.

The update said that he's scared of strangers (the pictures very clearly told this story too) but that he did regain his smile soon (I really think he's a smiley guy when he's not scared). Also he participated in a dol ceremony which is traditional for a first birthday in Korea. A tray of objects was in front of him and what he chooses gives us a hint at his future. He chose a pencil which means he will be a scholar! My smart boy! He takes after his big brother and big sister already! We can not wait to have him home. I can not tell you how much my heart hurt to see those tears and not be able to wipe them away or pick him up in a big hug. I also know that right now if I did that, it would make him cry b/c I am a complete stranger to him. Praying that the things we sent help to ease the transition a bit. Not sure if he has his package yet. I was really hoping he would have it by Valentine's Day. Not that it really matters.

Next steps:
Still praying for those EPs to be submitted! Say an extra prayer this weekend that they would start this week!!!

Praying for I-600 approval (we probably have a few weeks on this, but hopefully it'll happen without any problems).

Praying for peace for all of the waiting families - it is so hard to see your child getting bigger, know that (s)he's changing and not be a part of it. I wonder how much bigger S is - we didn't get any medical updates. I wonder if he has any more teeth. I wonder if he's scared, happy, sad, excited, what he likes to play with, if his walking has gotten steadier, etc, etc, etc. We just wonder and want to actually be a part of it.

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