Friday, November 5, 2010

Weight Loss progress...

I believe a bit a little while ago I had the goal of 10 lbs. by Halloween. With the 10-miler you would think this would be an easily attainable goal, but I didn't quite make it. I'm currently .8 lbs. from my goal. On Halloween I was more like 1.5 lbs. from it. But I'm fairly happy with my progress.

Slow and steady is good. Plus I've found that as I get close to the race and I'm training hard I don't really lose weight, I mostly maintain. Now that I'm just doing a couple of short runs per week, I'm losing again.

Once I lose the .8 lbs I will be at my original goal weight for Weight Watchers too (I'm a Lifetime member but I haven't found a meeting that worked for me here so my consistency has been quite low, trying to change that now).

Just thought I'd give an update. It's getting harder to run now. I ran in 38 degree weather on Wednesday. Honestly proud of myself because I wouldn't have done that a year and a half ago. It's cold and I was done. Now I'm trying to run until it snows.


  1. Go girl, go! Keep up the fantastic work.

  2. Wow, rock on, mama! That's awesome!!!

  3. You go girl!! That is awesome! And I am just catching up in blog land and saw your post about learning to sew, I sooo want to learn how to sew! We were given John's grandmothers sewing machine 10 years ago and I haven't even turned the thing on. I'll be anxious to hear what worked for you!

  4. good job, christy! that's AWESOME!