Friday, June 24, 2011

Update: Application sent, in NY

Well we finally sent our "application" in to Dillon Southwest (not to be confused with Dillon that is in the rest of the country which even our agency didn't realize until talking to them). It was a lot of work so we're definitely celebrating being done. Hopefully our 8 reference letters (yes 8) will be there soon and we can plan our interviews and home visit so this can get approved for a (hopefully) fall referral.

Brian is in AZ. No household goods, but at least we're getting there. Baby steps. I am very excited to see my friend, Becky when we get to AZ. It is such a blessing and comfort to know that I'll have a friend just an hour away.

The wildfires are 59% under control (which is good - it was 17% not long ago) and most evacuations have been lifted at this time. Praise God! Praying for rain to put those fires out completely.

We're in NY visiting family. It's wonderful to be here though hard to be in transition. We miss everyone in Virginia but it's a bit surreal that we've actually left and we're not just on vacation. I can't express how wonderful everyone was. Saying goodbye was HARD. I made some amazing friends, a few only in the past year but they came to be such terrific friends I didn't want to leave (K, S, and G - miss you already!)! I know we'll be back, which helps. It's still hard to know I can't see them whenever we want. When it starts to seem real I get sad but then I get busy with family and just go back to not really believing we're gone. I'll face reality eventually. ;)


  1. I am not sure I have started facing reality yet :) and I am actually in AZ already. The fact that you will be here though is such a blessing!

    And woohoo for getting the application done!!! We finished our autobiographies and infertility questionnaires, but I am still working on the rest of it. I had the application complete, but then there was a printer malfunction at the business center in TLF. Since it was one of those forms that won't let you save anything, I lost the whole thing by not being able to print it :-(. What did you do about the AZ references since you haven't lived in AZ for 2 years?

  2. Your move has been such a journey! I'm glad you've gotten your application sent in and hope that you remain safe and sound. Min

  3. Thanks Min! :) Becky - sent you an email.

  4. yay on finishing! hope your road trip and move is going well...thinking of you and praying for you!

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