Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is it Wednesday?


B had a fever from Thursday afternoon until yesterday. He's on antibiotics (when I called to get him in the doctor's offices on base were all closed for the 4-day so we finally went to the ER Monday and he got some meds). He has a sinus infection and bronchial spasms. It changed some plans but we still got to see my wonderful brother-in-law and his awesome girlfriend who came to visit us (B's fever had subsided for a full 24 hours so we thought he was better before they came. It came back that night).

B was finally back at school today! Hurray! And I got to see my friends S and C and their daughter! But I still have trouble remembering it's Wednesday, so no whatnot today - but do check out Elizabeth's blog - it's great!!!


  1. I almost missed Wednesday myself this week! Sure hope B is feeling better FOR GOOD!

  2. I seriously thought today was Thursday! Thanks for correcting that for me. (I'm too busy to think straight!) Glad to hear that B is doing better.

  3. I am 25, have no kids...and so I have NO excuse for the fact I can hardly EVERY remember what day it is!

    Also - let me know when you have time to get together!

    Brooke Annessa

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