Friday, August 5, 2011

Random thoughts on Arizona, moving, and the adoption process

We're in AZ. We've been here for a week and a half. It's definitely a different area but we're mostly enjoying it. Though we miss VA a lot!

We have a house full of boxes. We're working on getting those unpacked. Next week when school starts I can probably get even more done. It seems like right now it's a lot of start and stops so having a couple of uninterrupted hours in a row will definitely help.

We had an obnoxious mover who thought it was his business to push and push about why we were adopting internationally instead of domestically. I find this so frustrating because it's rarely from someone who wants to sit down and listen to our reasons, it's just from someone who wants to judge us for not doing what they seem to think we should do. Thanks - did you adopt? No? Then why do you feel you know more about it than I do? Sorry, this really irritated me.

E was a huge help in unpacking the kitchen. She would take something out of the box, sit on the floor (in case the object was fragile), unwrap it and bring it to me. If it was kid dishes she would put them away herself. What a huge helper! :) Later both kids helped in this way, but E was the one who truly enjoyed it.

Did you know that some times here if you get a soda from the fountain it looks like it's running out. The soda part and syrup part come out separated. B thinks it looks like a candy cane. It tastes the same, just strange.

When you first arrive here you really notice the brown everywhere (this was especially true in May - this is definitely the "green" time of year) but after a bit you start to look out and see the beauty of the mountains and how awe-inspiring it is here.

B chose his school. We looked into different schools around here (local school, on post, and a brand new charter school). B learned about the schools and visited and chose where he wanted to go (even though he has to wear a uniform). He's really excited and thinks his school is going to be great! I love his enthusiasm. I wasn't sure it would be there this year. E is super excited about her preschool. Both kids can't wait to make new friends.

Speaking of new friends - we got together with Sandra's friend C and her 2 kids. Thank you so much Sandra! It is wonderful to have a friend here and the kids had a wonderful time. I miss you though!

Our home study is moving along. It's a bit frustrating that our agency is about 4 hours away but the plan right now is to go out on a Sunday and do our joint interview Monday and our individual interviews Tuesday. Still working on what to do with the kids during the joint interview. Hopefully we can figure something out. :)


  1. Good luck with the interview. Thanks for keeping us updated. Our fingers are crossed for you and we're sending prayers upward!

  2. Christy, honestly why not have the kids with you when you do the joint interview? I take our 2 when we do Keira's appointments and it's not hard. I'd get them each a little bag or backpack with a couple of their favorite book, some easy snacks that won't make a mess and a couple quiet toys, stickers, coloring book, crayons etc. I don't think the social worker would have a problem with it as long as the kids are quiet. It seems to work wonders with the kids and none of our doctors, therapists etc have had a problem with it. I'd check with the social worker and see if she'd allow them to sit in and play quietly. Good luck with the unpacking. We'll be praying for you guys with the adoption!! Can't wait to follow along!!

  3. Christy, I have absolutely nothing I need to on Monday and would be happy to watch your kids! You can drop them off at my house or I can come to you. Hopefully, it wouldn't be too scary for them since they only got to meet me a couple of times. Also, I'd be happy to come down and help with the unpacking - I love decorating houses!!! Whatever works for you, but I definitely want to see you soon! I have been dying for you to get here. I will be praying all goes well with your home study!

  4. I am annoyed by your mover and I've never even met him!! Glad you arrived safely and are getting settled in!

  5. Grr. Judgmental people suck. A lot. Maybe I should make that a bumper sticker? Sounds like you are making headway into getting settled. Fingers crossed for the interviews and unpacking!