Friday, April 26, 2013

DS has been with us....

longer than anyone else!  On Friday, April 26, DS was the cross over - DS has spent more time in our family than he has spent anywhere else!  I will tell you that for 2 weeks leading up to it, this kid was a mess.  He was miserable, throwing fits, frustrated, extremely controlling and just way above and beyond the terrible twos.  We will never know for sure why this was such a difficult time for him. 

But I think that he's testing us.  There are theories about emotional memory that are hard to ever prove with a younger child.  I don't know if he could sense that he had felt like this before and that then that feeling went away and it scared him., it's hard to tell.  It could just be a naturally occurring time for him to start reaching a newer level of attachment (every few months he tests us for a few weeks and afterwards we see improvement in his attachment and a decrease in anxiousness). 

The good news is that we seem to be moving out of the difficult time and hopefully headed to a really good time.  We've also seen an explosion in language in the past week or so.  I am really excited to see all that has been happening with him (tantrums aside) and look forward to all that is ahead.  We can't imagine our family without this awesome little guy in it and are so happy to celebrate this milestone, and to see how he does going forward now that he will be with us forevermore.

I also want to say that we are praying for the courts in Korea.  There are lots of changes in Korea and I do believe that the judges want to do what is best for the children, but making all of the changes work for everyone is tough.  I am praying for all of my waiting friends, and for those sweet kids who need to be in their homes soon!  I ask for others to say a quick prayer that the judges would be able to figure out the new process soon, and that Korea would move forward doing what is best for the children. 

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