Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day (travel)

A special day to celebrate our mothers and grandmothers, to enjoy my children, but last year brought new meaning to Mother's Day as we boarded a plane towards our baby boy. 

It's actually one year ago today that this happened.  We spent most of the day on a long flight from LA to Seoul.  It was still Mother's Day in the US when we landed in the Land of the Morning Calm (at 4:30 in the morning Korea time).   I was exhausted and excited all at once, but I think adrenaline really kicked in right then.  We got our luggage, exchanged some cash, and went to wait for our shuttle to our hotel.  While waiting we got to chat with a wonderful couple we met before boarding who was also traveling, along with some of their wonderful family members, to bring home their son.  It was such a blessing to realize about half an hour before boarding that we were on the same flight so we met and talked with them, and then were able to see them a couple of times during the week.  :)

We boarded our shuttle and started toward the hotel.  The first thing I said to Brian was "It's so green!" - yes, we did just leave the desert to come here.  I have to say that Seoul was absolutely beautiful.  We got to the hotel and to our surprise we were able to check in immediately (at about 6:30 am! - not many hotels in the US would have allowed that).  We headed to our room and took a nap.  More tomorrow on this day b/c we're moving into May 14th territory. :) 

I want to say that I hope all of my friends and family had a wonderful Mother's Day, and that I am praying for those who are wishing and hoping to become Mothers soon.  Know that you are loved and prayed for each day.  We are so thankful that this Mother's Day we were able to celebrate with a sweet boy who wanted to be with us!  And that all 3 of our kids were together.  We really missed being with Ben and Ella last year. 

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