Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Music and Perspective

I was listening to "Hey Santa" on the radio with tears streaming down my face today. There are several songs, including some Christmas songs, that really bring me back to the years that Brian was deployed (we're not discussing the fact that it's a very real possibility in our future as well). As I was listening and crying it reminded me of how hard it was celebrating Christmas without him. The first time he was deployed my MIL left the Christmas tree up until he got home and we could celebrate together - he got home in April.

I started thinking about all of this waiting (because it would be great if Santa wanted to bring my a picture of my baby for Christmas) and reminded me that I may be waiting for a child, but that child isn't waiting for me. That there are children all over this country, right in this city who are waiting for their parents to come home and who will have to celebrate without their parent(s) this year. I'll gladly take this waiting over waiting for my husband to come home from war (again). God granted me a bit of perspective. My husband and our 2 kids are here and healthy and safe. Our third child will join our family in time, but I can wait on God's timing and be thankful this year.

Please send up a prayer for our soldiers overseas and their families missing them here at home.


  1. Beautiful perspective. Isn't it interesting how we all get wrapped up in our own problems and forget how much tougher things could be?

  2. Wow. I can't imagine being without my spouse for so long....worse even my kids being without their parent. It is true that we are so blessed. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. This is such a beautiful post. Hopefully this will sustain you through the holidays. And then it will be a new year and you will definitely see your child's face in 2011.