Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well, I was just about to get into bed and E comes running into my room to tell me that B threw up (on the top bunk, lovely). I really hate cleaning up puke. :( Here's praying that it's a quick bug. (We have fun plans on Thursday and I don't want to cancel them) I really want my child to be healthy again. I feel so bad for him (anyone know how to strike through on the blog?). He asked if he could go to school tomorrow if he felt better, I said no (of course) but it was cute that he actually wanted to go to school!

Anyway, I'm waiting for laundry to finish so I can put it into the dryer so I'm writing a quick update on our lives.

Last week we got our Army 10 miler info in the mail. I was pretty happy to see my time. I actually finished in the top half of all runners, as well as the top half of females in my age group. For me, this is very exciting. I also shaved over 8 minutes off of my time from last year. I went from just under 11 minute miles to almost exactly 10 minute miles (yes, I'm slow, but I kept running and I've improved over a year). I was very happy!

The kids' birthday party on Saturday went well. I'm crazy and had a dual birthday part for my kids - basically a 7 year old boy party on one level while a 4 year old girl party took place on the other level. My husband had class - so it was just me. My best friend came with her kids, but couldn't get there until an hour into the part. Fortunately I've become friends with one of Ben's friend's Mom (did I do those contractions correctly?) and she really helped with the boys portion. The good news - the kids were ALL well behaved and my 2 had a blast!

I had a bit of a breakdown Sunday night. I feel like an idiot afterwards but I appreciate the honesty of other AP's who are honest on their blogs and share their tough times. I'm not really there yet, this is supposed to be the easy wait but having the referral pushed so far and a few other unknowns combined with being a bit sleep deprived made me lose it. Doing much better. I'll write a bit more tomorrow.

OK, laundry can be switched. Hoping for some sleep tonight!


  1. Glad your boy is feeling better (already read your other post). Puke is the absolute WORST.

    And 2 parties at once??? In December no less? You're my hero!

  2. I don't know how any of us are able to find a sane moment when our lives are consumed with so much...especially with what sounds like an incredibly busy month for you! Keep your head up lady :-)

  3. I'm catching up on everyone's blogs because we've all been sick (Wesley having his first puke included). Congrats on your 10 minute mile status! I can't go that fast so you're faster than me. :) No need to EVER feel like an idiot after having a breakdown. The wait can be excruciating and emotional and just downright hard. Breakdowns are allowed and often times necessary. Give yourself a break. :)