Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Whatnot Wednesday: Spring Break edition


OK, I missed last week but I'm determined to do today (even if there's only an hour and a half left of today and I should be asleep). B and E are on spring break this week so we're enjoying a fun week at home. Usually I travel any chance I get but we didn't plan anything this year and I'm enjoying the (relatively) calm week at home.

* Friday was E's Easter party at preschool. They had a parade at the end where they wore their Easter bonnets (made out of paper plates and plastic flowers) or Easter ties (made out of paper and stickers/flowers/etc). It was very cute. All week E could not wait! She loves Fancy Nancy and kept telling us she was excited for her Easter Gala (Gala is a fancy word for party) BUT she would say her Easter Gallup! At first I thought that's b/c it's a parade but I did figure out that she was mispronouncing Gala. I didn't really want to correct her b/c it was cute as can be. Do you have any words/phrases that your kids use that you just don't want to correct?

* The weather tonight was beautiful! It's my goal to get the kids out walking more. We took a 3 mile walk this evening. They did extremely well! The first mile and a half they loved (it included climbing on rocks in the creek and stopping to throw rocks in water) and the hard core whining didn't hit until the last half mile. We got home and B was walking around like he had just run a marathon. It was cute as can be!

* My kids think Spring Break should mean they don't have to sleep any more. E asks to skip her nap daily and B is still up at crazy hours at night (reading). I have to take his books away. Don't get me wrong - I am THRILLED that my son loves to read. But seriously! If I forget to take the books out of his bed and specifically tell him he's done, he'll still be reading at 11 pm by the light of his night light (child - your eyes are going to suffer!). I want to be mad but he takes after his Mommy so much I have to laugh. :)

My brain isn't working and I haven't thought to keep track of my thoughts lately so this is it for now. But I did talk to S at our agency today. The update is that there are a couple of people ahead of us, but things are not necessarily going in chronological order. We were told any time from April to June and that hasn't changed. Her best guess is about a month. I guess we'll see.

Quite a while ago I chose a date I thought (at the time) was far out - further than would be necessary - to kind of let go until then. OK, my grammar in that sentence is horrible - it's late - I'm not fixing it. This date kept coming to mind starting in about November and finally I embraced it (it took a lot longer than it should have for me to let go). Anyway, that date is now in less than 2 weeks. Still possible, but now I have to face the definite possibility that we may go past that date. But I know it will happen in God's perfect timing. I'm thankful for our lives and I know that I will be so thankful one day that this long wait brought us to the specific child that will join our family! :)


  1. Love the fact that my children are not the only ones reading by nightlights. I've caught them many a time under the covers with a flashlight. Your time is coming!!!

  2. Easter Gallup - that's cute! Can't wait to see E again!
    I hope your wait ends soon!

  3. Keeping you in my prayers tonight, and always! It'll happen!

    Brooke Annessa

  4. easter gallup -- love it! and i totally used to read by nightlight or flashlight...and my eyes have paid for it! it warms my heart to hear how much he loves books, though!
    and praying for you, dear'll come...and when it does, there will be MUCH rejoicing!

  5. I love Easter Gallup. Isaac says "grand new" instead of brand new, and I never correct him. I even say it myself now!