Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whatnot Wednesdays with Elizabeth


OK, I'm attempting to join my friend Elizabeth over at Every Day the Wonderful Happens with Whatnont Wednesdays. I'm not always the most technologically advanced but I'll give it a try (the linking part is the area I'm not sure about).

- I subbed in E's school today. It's the first time I've "taught" in a LONG time. Every time E saw me she'd yell out "Mommy!" Not surprising, but the kids in her class were confused to see me in the class next door too and kept asking me about it. Apparently I was a side show and I felt bad for how distracting I was to the other class. Too bad the class I was in didn't find me quite so interesting and were happy to let their attention drift anywhere and everywhere else!

- There's a little boy in E's class who is from South Korea. He's adorable, sweet, and incredibly smart! Korean is his first language. I greet him in Korean and he laughs and yells "that's Korean!". Then I say "The Weather is Nice" in Korean and he looks at me like I have 3 heads. Yes folks, apparently my Korean is THAT bad!
I also asked him to tell me how to say dinosaur in Korean. He wouldn't do it. He wanted to teach me colors, not dinosaurs. So - any help? How do you say dinosaur in Korean?

- Sometimes when I'm on the phone with someone I feel like I'm speaking another language. I've had to make several phone calls to make appointments, etc. lately and I always feel like they don't understand what I'm asking? Am I that hard to follow? Does this happen to anyone else?

- I've found one of the best ways to get telemarketers off the phone right now is honesty! I'm sorry, I can't give you money, every cent I have is being saved towards our adoption. Most people say, thanks, good luck and hang up! It's a miracle! :) However, I still can't get those automated places to stop calling. :( Apparently a few people who had our number before us had some financial problems b/c there are about 3 people that we STILL get phone calls about. We've had this number for over 2 years!

- We are really enjoying the fact that B can now play more advanced games. Apples to Apples Jr. is a favorite of both kids (hurray - so much better than Candy Land!) and B's new favorite is Risk. It's a long game and we're not likely to finish one with him for quite a while, but it's fun to see him learn, strategize (?), and get better at this game over time! It's so neat to see him as he is growing up!

- My cousin was coming for dinner. His name is Adam. E kept asking when Alex was coming. I kept correcting her and telling her Adam. Finally I said that we do have a cousin Alex, but this is Adam and she must have given herself a mnemonic device to remember it because a little while later she came upstairs and asked "Mommy, when is Eve coming?"

I bust out laughing and she corrects herself quickly.

OK, so if you really want to laugh - check out Elizabeth's blog and see her Whatnot Wednesday. Woo-hoo! The button worked! Click the button at the top of the post! :) Hurray!


  1. Love it! Thanks for linking up!
    As for people not understanding you on the phone--I'm the dork on the other end who can never understand who I'm talking to. I hate the phone and wish all conversation with strangers would be relegated to email!!!!!!
    And PS, you made the button work, which means you're an HTML genius!!!

  2. How fun!!!
    I totally agree... Candy Land makes me insane.

  3. We have had our number for over SIX years now and collection agencies continue to call us for the same guy. Every time, I ask them to document that this is not his number and others keep calling. I'm like, "Guy, you are NEVER going to get out of debt!!" Glad you linked up!

  4. Love that Eve is coming over! Too cute! And I have the same problem on the phone. We were actually listed in the phone book wrong for several years because the phone people misunderstood me when I said our last name! It did not, however, keep the telemarketers away!!!!

    Great linking up with you!

  5. Dinosaur in Korean is 공룡 pronounced as "Gong Ryong"

  6. Sorry I can't be of help in the dino department. -sigh- I need to brush up on my foreign languages. Everyone should know how to say dinosaur in every never know when you may need such information!

  7. yup -- that's the korean for dinosaur, except the /r/ gets a bit hidden, so it sounds like "gong yong." crong from pororo is a dinosaur and you can hear him called "ah ghee gong yong" (baby dinosaur) in some of the episodes and songs.

    as far as not being understood on the phone...that's why i HATE talking on the phone! i'm so awkward on the phone and probably hard to understand, too!

    and i love E's adam/eve connection...too cute!

  8. Someone kept calling me wanting to talk to a guy that was *really* in trouble. I googled him and in addition to bill collectors, there was an army of lawyers seeking him!

    Here's how to stop those annoying phone calls:
    1) Do not call registry. (Not much help, but it was easy.)
    2) Always talk to the people or the recordings and state your number is not the number to reach whoever they were trying to reach. (This actually stopped a surprisingly large number of collectors, probably because they are legally obligated to stop.)
    3) If they continue to call inform them that for every call they make after being informed they have the wrong number, they can be sued for a maximum $1,000 per call plus attorney's fees. Then start logging each call. This stopped the die hard guys for me.

    Good luck.