Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whatnot Wednesday: Disney Edition


We went to Disney a couple of weeks ago and I need to blog about it before I forget the precious (and not so precious) moments. :)

*E started saying "That was awesome!!!!" (really stretching out the awesome) after almost every ride. She'd pump her fists in the air and get all excited. Very cute. Very much encouraged, especially by Uncle M and D (my BIL's wonderful girlfriend who came on the trip too). We did get a video, one day I'll put it on facebook. She'll probably be in middle school. That's how good I am at getting videos up anywhere.

*B is a thrill seeker. The faster the better! His favorite rides were Expedition Everest, Space Mountain (which is faster and darker since the renovation they did - I liked when it was tame with the neon signs personally...), Rockin' Roller Coaster, Dinosaur, Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain (these two were "tame" for him but he still loves them).

*E also loved the thrills - that she was tall enough to enjoy anyway. Dinosaur, Splash and Thunder Mountain were her faves. But she still enjoyed Fantasyland and other tamer rides as well.

*A downpour and a spitting camel can be real highlights of a trip. Even to Disney.

*When we're at home B feels he's a bit too old for Disney characters. But while we're at Disney - he's still in awe. It's so cute to see his face when a character is coming over. His grin was so big it lit up the room.

*My kids both need sleep while we're on vacation. We really thought we could get away with few naps and slightly off bed times without meltdowns this time around. At least for B. Unfortunately we forgot who we were dealing with. My boy NEEDS his sleep! He is a different person when he's overtired and we saw that a bit more than expected. Both kids took naps a few times during the week. When that happened we generally had a great evening, so we embraced it rather trying to push through the day without a nap.

*I finally learned how to say "Please stand clear of the doors" in Spanish. This is my 8th trip to Disney with my husband and/or his family. The first trip I took with them they used to recite it each time on the monorail and I tried to figure it out. It took me 7 more trips and 11 years to get to that point... Big accomplishment. Just don't ask me to type it, I didn't say I could spell it.

* We went to a princess lunch at Norway. It was wonderful and despite his protests B enjoyed it quite a bit. He ended up wanting to have his picture taken with Belle and then he had a great time with Grandpa, Paika (my Dad) and Uncle M while E saw Princess after princess (and LOVED it!).

*Girl's tea with my Mom, MIL, D, and E (oh, and me) was wonderful. E was dressed like a princess and ordered scones and strawberries and E had chocolate tea (chocolate milk - glad she ordered it b/c she tried everyone else's tea and didn't like it). She did go around the table and put sugar cubes in for everyone who wanted one. She acted like the hostess throughout and loved it!

*B really enjoyed the parades and fireworks. It's the one time he enjoyed slowing down and watching. Otherwise it was go, go go. But he definitely enjoyed each parade and show that he went to. He also got to go to Fantasmic (one of my favorites) with Brian. They had fun, but he was scared. Brian said it was pretty cute to see him get so nervous and kind of cling to him. He's often such the big boy now, but he is just 7.


  1. When at Disney, NOBODY is too old for characters. It is simply magical!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i agree with elizabeth! i canNOT wait to go to disney!
    i love this edition, especially E acting like a little hostess -- so cute!

  3. Someday I will get to Disney. Glad you guys had such a great time.

  4. We LOVE Disney!!!! So glad you had such a great time!

  5. I can't WAIT to have our little girl home and be able to take her to all these fun places! I LOVE Disney!

    Brooke Annessa

  6. I really like this edition very much. I am fully agree with the idea of elizabeth. As well as I can 't wait to go Disneyland.

  7. Disneyland is wonderful place, I visited there only once, I sure you enjoyed there so much. It is very fantastic place as well as no words to say about its goodness.