Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Little about Our Boy!

OK, for some reason I've been putting this off, I have this desire to almost horde all of his information for myself! I think it may be that I want Brian and I to be the ones who know the most about him (in the US anyway) which won't change as I share some tidbits so I'm finally doing it. :)

Suhbin was born in Busan which is the second largest metropolitan area in South Korea after Seoul and is located along the southeastern coast of South Korea. I've seen some beautiful pictures from Busan and hope to find more. One day I'd like to visit though I doubt it will happen this trip.

He was a teeny baby at birth. Just over 6 lbs at birth which for me is a tiny one! :) But at 10 months he was 22 lbs and 30.6 inches so he's growing up strong and quite tall! I'm sure I'm looking at a bit of a shock to my back and arms since B and E don't get carried often anymore! Going from zero to (just a guess) close to 30 lbs. will be a bit of a change! But one that I can't wait for!

Our little guy loves books, there are pictures of him examining books, turning the pages, he just seems fascinated by them which is great! Our house is overflowing with books so hopefully he'll enjoy that! He also has a stuffed puppy and his foster mom reported that he will not go to sleep without it, he'll cry. But if he has it he'll go to sleep pretty easily. We're praying that puppy comes home with us!

Our sweet boy is a good sleeper! I have no idea how this happened because for the most part I have not heard good reports about sleeping habits - but he sleeps well through the night from 8 or 9 pm - 7 am. :) I know that he will not sleep through the night when he comes home and that there will be a huge adjustment, but it's nice to know that his foster mom has him on a good routine. I wonder if it helps that she has kids at home still? He has 3 foster siblings (meaning the foster parents' kids). They are all older than B but it's still good that he's not the only child in the house, I think.

The biggest blessing though is looking through the pictures. I was surprised at how much peace it brought me to see how well he is doing and really getting the feeling that his foster family is taking such good care of him. I absolutely can not wait to meet his FF, of course I can't wait to meet him even more!

We are so happy to know that SWS has received our acceptance paperwork so things can start moving!

What we need prayers for right now:
1. That legals come quickly and that things on the US side are processed without any trouble.

2. Most importantly - that things start moving in Korea! So far we are over a week into the New Year and there is no news of Exit Permits being submitted, etc. We are truly hoping that children start coming home again soon and that travel calls come quickly and close together after that! We're praying for all the children to come home to their families faster than anticipated now! :) Thanks!


  1. Oh goodness! A sleeper??!! He sounds like such a sweetie and I'm hoping that little darling comes home soon!

  2. Loved hearing more about your little Suhbin!! It has got to be so comforting to have all this information...and pictures. He sounds like a such a sweet little boy.
    Leo cannot sleep without a crib full of puppies...maybe it's a Busan thing. ;)
    If you want any info on Busan...just let me know. And, Busan can totally be a day trip from Seoul. You could definitely do it this trip!!

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  4. I totally understand about wanting to horde the information you have about him. It is precious and sacred when he is so far away. I was the same way. I did not want others to feel like they knew him just as much I did. Silly to outsiders, but I totally "get it." Congrats! He sounds like he has a sweet and inquisitive personality. Praying for his legals to come soon and for EPs to become a reality for many many parents this month/year! Wishing you all the best.