Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun Friday

Well, since all I can think of today is the fact that we're going to Florida tomorrow to see my best friend, H, I'm going to do a travel post.
10 great trips I've taken (I can't guarantee it's the top 10 but 10 that have been great in no particular order):
1. Europe with family when I was 9
2. Cross Country Trip with parents, brother, and grandparents when I was about 11(?).
3. Trip to FL to visit H and family then SURPRISE trip to Disney (surprise for the kids) with my in-laws!
4. Disney with LOTS of family after Brian returned from Iraq
5. Honeymoon to Disney (yes, we are Disney nuts - I am just a big kid in some ways and Brian inherited his love of all things Disney from his Mom)
6. Trip to Disney before Brian started Active Duty - best part of this trip was that it was impromptu - decided a week or so before hand that we were going and we loved it! So relaxed!
7. Trip to Gettysburg after Brian's first deployment. Awesome time just the 2 of us.
8. Trip to France in High School
9. Trip to Texas to visit A and E (and E and M's wedding)
10. Trip to VT with N (this would be H too but I have two good friends named H and N is a good nick name), K, A, E, and A. 4 of us worked together at a camp in VT over 10 years ago now (scary thought) and we got together for a 10 year reunion!

These may not all be to the most exotic places (only a couple of big trips really) but they're all trips I've truly enjoyed! There are many more but I could go on all day about traveling! ;) Such fun, even though it's more challenging with kids. Looking forward to a VERY exciting trip to Korea eventually! :)


  1. Hi Christy. Very excited about your adoption journey - we are with Barker, also. :) So I guess we must both be in the slow state. lol.
    Have a great trip! elisabeth

  2. Hi, you have responded to my posts on the yahoo adopt korea board! Just wanted to say thanks, I appreciated it! Looks like we are almost on the same timeline. It will be exciting to follow your journey. It is nice to know there are others out there experiencing the same things we are at the same time. Good Luck and have a great trip!!

  3. Just wanted to say a quick hello :) We're with Barker too. We received the referral for our son on 3/9. I hope your 1600-A approval comes soon!

  4. Kristi - congrats on your referral! That's exciting. Grace - keep me posted - it's fun to follow along with someone else on the same timeline. Elisabeth - I really enjoy your blog. I'm not sure exactly where you are but maybe we could get together sometime. It would be nice to get to know another prospective adoptive mom in the area. :)