Saturday, April 3, 2010

Home again, home again jiggity jig...

with my 2 little pigs. :) We had an amazing time in Florida. When we were leaving G said that Ch (H's youngest daughter) is her best friend and B said that he wishes we were all family and could always be together. Talk about speaking right to my heart! It was so hard to leave but hopefully they'll be visiting us soon! It's too bad I don't post pictures b/c I'm paranoid - but I have some ADORABLE ones from our trip. Too bad H and I never think to get in any until the last morning when we look exhausted and not put together at all. Oh well.

We're still waiting to hear that our homestudy is all written up. Hoping for early this week! Right now I'm letting our eggs sit that I just boiled and I'm going to do some egg coloring with the kids! I love Easter! Such an amazing holiday. It's all about New Life in Christ and takes place in spring which is also filled with lots of new life. It's always been one of my favorite holidays (probably b/c I was born on it!). ;)

I've been following some wonderful blogs and I'm part of a yahoo forum and it seems like I've seen several travel calls and referrals lately. Congratulations to all! So excited to see the creation of these wonderful forever families!

Hopefully my brother in law is headed this way today (car troubles have stalled him) and the kids are very excited to see him! We also told them that we could get their bikes out so they are thrilled. Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Happy Easter!

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