Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Book Worm Wednesday

I decided Wednesdays sounded good so until we get a referral I'll do Book Worm Wednesday. ;)

Thanks for all of the great comments last week! I did get "Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child" from the library. I've started reading it but I'm still finishing "Bringing up Geeks" so it's slow going. ;) By the way - Geeks stands for: Genuine Enthusiastic Empowered Kid so it is a positive thing, just so everyone knows. It's really about instilling your values into your child. :)

A fictional Book that I enjoyed a lot was "An Irish Country Doctor". It started out slow but once you got to know the characters it was an excellent book!

Also thank you for the website recommendation! is a great resource for adoption books.

Also an adoption related website that I'm a fan of is - Dawn Davenport wrote the book "The Complete Guide to International Adoption" which is sort of a "What to Expect while You're Expecting" of International Adoption and I love it. It's also MUCH funnier and easier to read than the What to Expect book so I highly recommend that as well.

Update on our lives: day 3 with no a/c and temps reaching towards 90. Grrr. Hoping to hear from the a/c guy again soon!

Countdown - it's been 3 weeks since fingerprinting and 6 weeks since USCIS received and processed our home study so I keep hoping (though I know it's likely to be a few more weeks).

On a positive note - my husband was promoted and had his promotion ceremony yesterday! Congrats Bri! I'm very proud of his hard work and dedication! B and G were very good during the ceremony - the rest of the day was crazy but the ceremony was very nice!


  1. Tell him congrats on the promotion. I'm excited to hear about these books!

  2. Congrats to your hubby on his promotion! Like the bookworm Wed idea, especially because I love to read. Can't wait to see what other good books you post about.