Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Joy of 8 months...

OK, I've hit 8 months. That means we're close! Right?!?!
Some happy things to share today:

1. Ella is helping me clean the house, singing "I love cleaning, I love cleaning! I'm a cleaning Princess!" Sure- you can be a cleaning princess if you're willing to help me clean!

2. On the way to bring B to school (today - at the 8 month mark which they know nothing about) we were listening to music and all of a sudden E sighed and said "When is our baby coming?!?" "Next week?" - ah, no. We discussed the timeline just enough for me to say that it could be a couple of weeks after our trip in May or a couple of months, we don't know. Then B piped up "I hope it's just a couple of weeks!" (me too, Buddy, me too) - his excitement to have his brother or sister home was apparent in his voice. He doesn't talk about it much but when he does it warms my soul! Hearing my two angels talk about their brother or sister is music to my ears! They are (almost) as excited as I am!

3. I have a sense of peace today that I didn't expect. Praise God! I am hopeful but not anxious. Hurray! Ask me in a week and I can't guarantee the same response...


  1. You will keep the peace...a gift from the Lord who understands how you are feeling!!

    A little side note on the princess cleaning thing...my boys have taken to calling Lucy "Cinderella" when they want her help cleaning up. Works overtime! :)

  2. I have a feeling you're getting REALLY close! Another month closer to your sweet baby!

  3. I am starting to get on pins and needles for you! I hope soon!!!

  4. thinking about you SO much...it *has* to be your turn soon -- can't wait!

  5. ooooo can't wait, can't wait, cannnnnoooottt wait! Girl I am so stinkin excited for you that each day is bringing you closer!!