Monday, March 28, 2011

Revelation: Timing

OK, last time I said I had a revelation recently that I wanted to share. It has to do with timing. It may seem like common sense but apparently I needed the sense knocked into me!

I've been looking at our adoption timeline and I've had in mind how it should work. The best (in my opinion) timing for our family for the immediate future. There are things going on this summer that would make my timing much better than than other timing. At least I think so. Then a funny thing happened....I realized....the IMMEDIATE future is so much smaller than our WHOLE lives as a family! (Duh! Common Sense!!!)

I started thinking about more than just the next few months and realized that exact timing may or may not be a bit of a hassle but in the long run it won't matter.

I also realized that God's perfect timing in the past didn't always seem perfect at the time. A BIG example of this just dawned on my husband and I this weekend:

I don't think, if I had known the future and had control over it, I would have chosen to be pregnant, have a baby and enjoy my child's first 4 months with my husband in Iraq. This timing seems slightly absurd! Afterwards we always have said that a LOT of good came out of that, which is true. I could go on and on about how close we grew as a couple and what an AMAZING Daddy Brian is (which may not have anything to do with the deployment but the way he dove right in to Daddy-hood the moment he stepped off that plane was amazing!).

BUT we realized something much bigger. We were talking about his deployment and pregnancy and suddenly it hit me - I said "Honey, if you had been home during my pregnancy with B....would we have E?

Silence. Then "No, probably not."

I was ready to move to adoption with B's pregnancy but Brian wanted to experience it (did he ever regret that while I was pregnant, but he was thrilled to have his little girl).

WOW! Does God know what He's doing or what? It wasn't my timing but His perfect timing. He knew not to have Brian home, He knew we'd move to adoption but He wanted us to wait. He brought E into our lives first. Now it's time. Soon we will know the child that He has prepared our family for. Not just for the past 16 1/2 months, but for years! His timing isn't only concerning the next few months and how convenient that will be, but for the life of our family! So much bigger than how I was thinking.

This was quite the revelation!

Check out this post about Russian judges not allowing the adoption of a child because the child has Down's Syndrome:
Absolutely absurd and heartbreaking!


  1. What a beautiful revelation, I think we do forget that it's not about our timing but God's. I have to take that step back myself and realize He has made us wait for so many reasons, some I'm not even aware of yet. Thank you for this reminder.

  2. a great revelation and serious truth right there. ;)

  3. This is great and thanks for sharing. E is such a sweetie. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. I am glad you have E. And I am glad you realized on a more concious level that sometimes it really is a blessing in disguise when timing isn't what we want it to be.

  5. I love this revelation. You are such an inspiration! We got so discouraged during the wait. And now, all I can think is - thank goodness we waited so we found our way to the child we were meant to have. His plan is so hard to understand until things fall into place - and then you're so grateful for it!

  6. I just got chills! What a great way of seeing things :-)