Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Kids' Future Careers

E's preschool is currently doing Community Helpers week and with that they're discussing careers (and having people come in to talk about their careers - but I didn't think they needed someone to come tell them what a teacher does so I'm not one of the volunteers). The kids often tell me what they want to be when the grow up (and it frequently changes) but I also have ideas of what I think they'll be (also changes, but a bit more consistent) based on their strengths.

B is very strong at math and spacial awareness (except awareness of his own body - but that's a completely different skill). He won an award in the 1st grade for his math skills, and he's always been great at puzzles. He's amazing at building things. Give that child Legos or some such thing and he can build it! He follows the directions very well, but after the first time he likes to change things up and create a bit differently. My in-laws have TONS of Legos and he will sit in the middle of a bunch of Legos and create all kinds of things. When my FIL or BIL or husband are helping he makes the coolest castles and creations! I'm so impressed (he did not inherit this skill from me!). So I think he'll be an architect or engineer!

Of course he's mentioned construction worker, fire fighter, NFL player (sorry honey- NOT happening), and soldier (like Daddy). So maybe the Army Corps of Engineers is in his future?
Of course my boy is also an avid reader and would probably do well taking after his Paika with writing stories, but right now he doesn't love writing (too much work) so we'll have to wait and see.

E is a people person. She is my social butterfly with a HUGE heart! Her preschool teacher told me at the parent-teacher conference that E is very compassionate towards the other children - more so than most 4 year olds (my blog, I get to brag a bit) so I know this is a huge strength of hers. This morning she was (yet again) singing one of her songs and I realized her calling - she's going to write lyrics for Christian artists! She makes up adorable songs and they always include God and Jesus loving everyone. Now they definitely ramble a bit, but for 4, I'm impressed (yes, yes, I'm a TAD bit biased about my child's brilliance). OK, she's not as easy to nail down as B, to be honest. But I'm sure it will involve that huge heart of hers!

Her current desire is to be a veterinarian. She loves animals. She really enjoyed our current trip to the zoo and I think it inspired her. Brian is excited because he used to want to be a vet when he was young. Her Aunt S would also be proud since she is a vet!

Just wanted to share where my kids are at and some of my random thoughts. No adoption news to share. Gave up waiting so we're just hanging out and will let you know if there's news. Feel hopeful but not anticipatory which is fairly amazing! Thank you God! I'll share my revelation on this soon.


  1. I like this post. It is so fun to think and wonder about our kids' futures! Both of your kids sound like they will grow up to be happy and successful!

  2. Awww! It's been too long since I have seen the kiddos. I love hearing about them.

  3. So true about the legos! I'm pretty sure i have pics of all the guys sitting in the living room with the giant tub and just building away. lol. We miss you guys soooo much and can't wait till your back. I think we should go to the zoo or aquarium next time! hehe. Love you guys so much. xoxo

  4. Looking forward to your revelation...I'm sure it will benefit me as I wait, as well. I enjoyed reading a bit more about your children and their personalities.

  5. Christina - I love that you wrote CuzAunt! :) Miss you!

  6. love this! it's so fun to think about how the personalities we see now will manifest themselves as our kids grow up...i think cb will be a zoologist, vet, or engineer with the things he's interested in now...either that, or a stunt man. ::scared momma shudder::