Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Catch up posts to come and a tiny bit of adoption news!

I have been sadly neglecting this blog since moving. Part of it was hitting a wall with our adoption - having everything slow down significantly this spring really slowed my motivation. Then moving was just busy and somehow it seems once you've neglected your blog for a while - it's hard to get moving again. But this is my commitment to moving again. I have 2 kids who should have some memories preserved, which is one of the reasons for creating this blog. I'm not good at journaling in a book, so I'm using a blog. Well, in order for that to work, I actually need to post! So there will be some major catch up going on here starting with our trip this summer.

On the up side - I've heard that referrals are starting back up in November and it appears as though we actually have been waiting the longest at our agency so we are very hopefully to actually receive a referral in November. As I learn more I will update. Happy October! Enjoy the fall!

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  1. Well, I'm glad your back, sister..we have a countdown to blog about! :)