Monday, October 24, 2011

Nonni and Paika

We had my parents here visiting for almost 2 weeks. It was wonderful to see them. We got to go to Phoenix for the weekend. It was extremely hot while we were there so we tried to stay somewhat indoors. We went to the Musical Instrumental Museum which was pretty fun. We were a bit surprised by how much the kids enjoyed it. I should preface that with the fact that I really should know my son better - if it's a museum, it's for him. He loves museums, could spend weeks exploring the Smithsonian over and over, and he is wonderfully behaved there. Considering the fact that sometimes taking my kids to the grocery store has me pulling my hair out, I don't quite understand this phenomenon, but he just loves to learn new things in an interesting way, he loves to learn about different parts of the world, different periods in time, and different cultures. So I should not have been surprised that he really enjoyed this museum, a LOT! E liked it quite a bit and at first was very engaged and interested. After about 30-45 minutes she was pretty done but she did pretty well hanging in there a little while longer so we could see most of it.

On Sunday the guys (Brian, my Dad, and B) went to see the Giants play against the Cardinals. Brian and B are big Giants fans so this was extremely exciting! It was the first time B went to a pro game, and the first time for both of them to see the Giants (it's pretty much impossible to get tickets to the Meadowlands so he hadn't seen them before).

The girls went to Tucson to do some shopping and have lunch together. It was a fun time for all involved, though Mom and I were both kind of happy to make it home earlier than the guys. :) E was sound asleep by the time they got to our house and since Mom and Dad were still on Eastern Time, that was quite an adjustment.

While they visited we went to Tombstone and we were even able to meet my uncle there and he came and stayed the night with us! :) We went to Bisbee, on the Mine Tour, to Karchner Caverns (we didn't go in the caves, but we hiked around the outside). The Hike was fantastic, beautiful, and B led the way the whole time! He is becoming quite the hiker! It really brings out his confidence, which I love! E was about done by the last 1/2 mile but she really did well for a 4 year old! It was a 2 1/2 mile hike, but the first half was mostly up the mountain, and the second half was winding, and the path was rocky and uneven, lots of ups and downs - it was hard work for all of us, so I was almost finished by the last 1/2 mile! :)

We had lots of fun playing games - this is a normal passtime with my parents and my kids and all 6 of us love it! A new game my parents introduced was Qwirkle! Great fun! B got good at it, E is still figuring it out a bit, but she enjoys it. We all enjoy playing games that are fun for adults as well as kids. I love that it's a rare occasion that I have to play Candyland and Chutes and Ladders (we still own them, and they come out once in a while, probably much more once the baby is old enough, but I am so much happier with other games!). :)

Sadly, Mom and Dad had to return home. But we're excited for Christmas. And we had to get ready for our next set of visitors....

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  1. So glad to hear you enjoyed your visit. You all were missed at the wedding. We LOVE Qwirkle, especially because Nick and I can play it as a 2 player game. Hugs to everyone :-)