Saturday, October 15, 2011

Paperwork mailed to USCIS!

Finally got our I-600a extension and new home study with court certification all mailed in to USCIS today! :) Happy to have that done. Now we should be able to just sit back and wait for our referral! 17 days until November and 72 days until Christmas - there's a very good chance we'll see our child's face in that time frame! :)

Wonderful update on JJ - it was looking good for going home yesterday from the hospital! What miraculous healing has been done in his life! :) Hoping to hear confirmation that he's home sweet home soon! :)

Our happy times - we just had my parents here for a week and a half - wonderful time! Miss them already. Today my best friend, H, and her 4 kids are coming into town. I think I'm bouncing off the walls as much as the kids! :) Off to get the house picked up a bit for them. ;)

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