Monday, March 5, 2012

14 months and...

EP Submissions!!!

OK, to start - yesterday Suhbin hit 14 months old. I'm hoping we only have to miss one or two more month milestones (only 1 would be awesome!!!) before TC. No updates, no idea what my boy is doing or how big he is, but we thinking about him and talk to his picture all the time. Hoping to hold him in my arms SOON!

Which brings me to EP SUBMISSIONS! I have friends who have been waiting AGES to bring their children home - some have waited since December 2o10 and they found out today that they have been submitted for EP! This is the big step that holds things up in Korea. We have all been waiting with baited breath since January 1st for this to happen and I am beyond excited that it finally has! Many of us have been praying nightly (at 9 am Seoul time) to see movement in Korea and it has happened!!! Praise God! So excited! I have no expectations of being in the first batch of referrals, but since SWS stopped giving out referrals for a while in order to avoid a backlog we should be in the 2nd or 3rd batch and the expectation is 1-2 weeks for processing! Very fast! :) Can't wait to hear about those first TCs!!!


  1. This is so exciting!!!! Praying things keep moving along!

  2. YES!!!! I am so happy for all families and cannot wait to hear your news!!!