Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NVC Out and SWS confirmations! :)

OK - first of all we are NVC out! As of February 29 we have been all set on the US side and officially just waiting for Korea! Hurray!

Also we heard today about a couple of agencies with SWS that confirmed EP submissions. I know of 21 submissions, but there is one other agency that I assume had submissions but they haven't received any specific confirmation. Two agencies specifically requested to be told who was submitted in each EP batch. Traditionally SWS hasn't shared this info but due to the backlog that happened this year they were willing to but I get the feeling it's only being shared if specifically requested.

We are hopeful that we'll be in the second batch which should be submitted in 2-3 weeks (just a guess) and approved about 2 weeks later. Then there are just a few quick steps to TC (Travel Call) so we're thinking as early as 6 weeks we may be hearing that Suhbin is ready for us! But that may be optimistic, we'll see. Trying to keep my expectations in check. I still have a good amount of getting ready to do that I sort of stopped doing when everything stalled. I lost motivation for a while and now I'm motivated again. :)

Praising God for the good news and praying that things continue to move forward!


  1. Whoot, whoot! Love NVC out and EP movement! Hope that your call is soon!!