Saturday, March 31, 2012


On Monday (my birthday) we woke up to hear that EPs had all been approved! Hurray! Then on Wednesday some people decided to call DC and found out that they could "see his/her picture" which means that the child already had their Embassy Appearance (EA) and that their Visa Interview (VI) was scheduled for the next day. EA and VI are usually VERY closely followed by the best letters of all: TC!!! (travel call for those who are not daily immersed in Korean Adoption)
We were all predicting the first TCs to be on Friday but Thursday brought the best news - TC for a few! A few more Friday, and we're hoping for more VERY soon! :)

Another thing happened on Thursday - ESWS EPs were submitted - the second batch! Unfortunately Holt has not been submitted and we're still up in the air about SWS (the agency that we're working with). At the end of Friday we heard a rumor (I call it that not because I don't trust the source, but because we only heard it from one place and I am trying to keep my expectations low) that SWS EPs have been submitted!!! IF this is true and assuming that Suhbin is part of that (we have been told most likely and they can't imagine he's not, but there are no guarantees) - that means we're looking at 4 weeks until approval! And then hoping for TC about a week later!!! :) So we could be getting that amazing call in 5 weeks! Hard to believe after almost 2 1/2 years of this being a "process", that it's going to be real! :)

Please pray that all of this positive movement continues and that Holt and SWS hear awesome news of submission this week!!! :) And that Suhbin really is submitted! Thanks!!!


  1. Oh that's so awesome!!!! Will be praying that you all are submitted and receive Travel Call SOON!!!!!!

  2. Awesome!!!

    I keep praying :)

  3. OH YES!!!! Please PLEASE PLEASE let the SWS one's be in your baby boy esp!!!! Cannot wait to "catch up" after Easter.