Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our family is growing....

I'm going to be an aunt! :) I am so incredibly excited! My brother and sister-in-law are expecting and her due date is mid-August. I can't wait to meet their little one and see my brother as a dad! :)

On another note I was talking to my kids and I said "Do you know you have the silliest Daddy in the world"
Ben answered "Yes! Until I become a Daddy."
Me: Then you'll be the silliest Daddy?
Ben: Yes, and Daddy will be the silliest Grandpa. But that's hard because Grandpa and Paika are really silly!

I just thought this was adorable so I'm sharing. :) Ben can not wait to have Suhbin home! He is aching to have his brother under the same roof as him! It is amazing to see my big boy in this light and I'm loving it. He wants to talk about names all the time. We finally have middle names figured out and I think we have narrowed down 1st names, but we believe in meeting our child first, so we won't officially name him until we meet him. We'll announce his name from Seoul. :)

No real news on the adoption front, please keep praying for movement in Korea!!! We're hoping the EPs that were submitted will be approved quite soon and those first travel calls will be coming in! Can't wait to celebrate with those people...and can't wait to actually have that happen for us too. I'm almost getting to the point where I believe it will happen sometime. I can't wait to meet our boy and bring him home forever.


  1. Oh how sweet...and so excited for your treasure from Korea

  2. That is so cute!
    And congrats on becoming an aunt. That is great news.

    I can't wait to find out Suhbin's new first name! Hopefully soon....