Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kindergarten Screening

My baby girl is going to be starting Kindergarten this fall! I can't believe it. I am having separation anxiety already! She is the one comforting me, she keeps telling me that it will be OK because I'll have Suhbin home with me. :) Sweet girl!

So this morning we went in to B's school (and she waved crazily into B's class as we walked by, sure his teacher loved that) and went in where things were already set up. She "played games" one on one with the person who did the screening and she loved it. I sat and watched and was trying not to laugh so much of the time. She was a little shy walking in but once they started she was telling stories and having fun. She kept telling the woman about her brother (B) and finally she said to E "you must have a nice brother" and E agreed! Love it! E also told her about Suhbin, but it was glossed over, it's so cute to hear that it's a natural part of her life now that she has 2 brothers (even though the second isn't home).

She did an amazing job! They were supposed to pick out specific shapes (ie: find the big blue circle), but E didn't just pick them out, she then created a picture with them as she grabbed each one. It was so cute to watch! She was very proud of herself. She had to write her name and then write certain letters, D was the first letter and E asked if she should write the one with the big hump or the little hump. The part she had the hardest part with is that she had to draw 3 of something and she really wanted to draw her family but there are 5 of us. She couldn't quite decide who to draw. LOL! Her favorite part was that she got a lollipop on the way out the door. :)

So my girl is almost set for Kindergarten, now for Mommy to be set. That's another story.

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  1. I know how you feel--both of mine are going next year. I've never heard of a screening though--so they do a little evaluation? We haven't had registration yet, I wonder if we'll do that too!
    If you think about it, the timing is kind of perfect. Your new little boy will need most of your time come fall :)