Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Remembering Seoul, Day 1

So we passed out soon after checking into our hotel (The Grand Hyatt Seoul).  Yes, yes, everyone tells you not to do that, but I know myself, the best thing I can do is catch up as much as possible on sleep so I can enjoy the rest of the vacation (and honestly, it worked).  I also didn't want to leave the hotel room until SWS had called to schedule our first visit (and Brian put up with my neurotic tendencies very well while we were on this trip).

At about noon we woke up and went to get some food.  We ate at the hotel buffet.  It's a great place for a variety of food, but overall it's expensive and not the best food in Seoul by any means.   But it sufficed, especially for this Mama who didn't want to go far from the hotel.  We ate, tried to relax, and enjoyed some familiar and new foods there.  Then we headed back to the room to freshen up, get organized (we were switching hotels in the morning) and wait for the phone to ring.  

At about 2 pm Seoul time SWS called and we were told we would be able to meet our boy the next day at 9! :)  So we prepared to head out of the hotel!  This was our one rainy day in Seoul (which worked out great!) so we went downstairs and the hotel was lending out umbrellas.  We borrowed one and went for a walk.  We found a beautiful walking path and followed it through beautiful trees and flowers until we got into more of the downtown area.  Then we got on the subway (pretty much the nicest subway I've ever seen!) and headed to Lotte Mart at Seoul Station.  We enjoyed this but it was wet and rainy by the time we got there and we were jet lagged and tired, so a lot of the day is a blur.  We bought umbrellas (that we then didn't need for the rest of the trip) and some chopsticks and a few things in Lotte Mart.  Really good prices too compared to a lot of other places. 

We were wet and tired so we took a taxi back to our room and got everything prepared for an early checkout in the morning and then zonked out again!  That jet lag is amazing!

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