Friday, May 17, 2013

Remembering Seoul, Day 3

This morning was pretty relaxed, we explored near the hotel.  Gangnam is a nice area.  It really caters towards business people, but lots of restaurants and easy walking.  A beautiful area to explore.  We met our new friends, Andrew and Ashley for lunch before our 2nd meeting (they were having their second meeting with their sweet boy T, too!).  We went to McDonald's.  It's just one of those places that is interesting to try in other areas.  We got a bulgogi burger.  I'll be sticking with the Big Mac and have my Bulgogi somewhere else, thanks!  But the fries were decent and it's the most "normal" diet Coke you can find.  Mostly it was just nice to sit and talk with another couple who was going through the same thing.

Then we went to see our boy.  He was not happy.  I don't think an hour has ever lasted that long in my life.  It crawled by.  He didn't want to have anything to do with us, but it was worse than that.  He was angry at us.  He would push us away or sort of hit us away with his toy, turn away and try to get further onto his Foster Mom's lap.  He knew something was up and he did not like it one bit!
I could elaborate but really it was just awful.  And that room is tiny!  It doesn't look that tiny in photos but SWS itself is so small!  I think it's so grand in your mind, this place you've thought about for years, and you get there and it's a small office on the 7th floor of a building (OK, the whole building is theirs, but the International Adoption portion is small). 

Afterwards I was depressed.  It was really hard to do anything that night.  We went to the Coex Mall and looked around but I felt run down, sad, and unable to enjoy much at all.  We ate dinner at Outback b/c we couldn't stomach much else.  I picked at my food.  We went home and tried to process everything.  We slept on it.  It didn't really improve things.  I was really sad for our boy, who was losing so much, and sad also b/c I wanted him so much and knew that we were the last people on earth he wanted right then. 

I want to end this one on a more positive note than I did last year though.  Because now I know what 1 year later brings.  It brings impromptu hugs, giggles.  Earlier today he came running into the room laughing and screeching, so happy and excited.  So at home.  Life is good for all of us.  So while this day a year ago didn't end happily, there is a happy ending.


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