Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Remembering Seoul - Day 2: Meeting Daniel

Oh the emotions waking up!  A jumble of nerves and excitement.  Snipping at Brian b/c we were going to be late and nothing would be good enough - I'm a joy when I'm stressed, really.... (Sorry Honey!). 

We (finally!) checked out and took a taxi to the Renaissance.  The taxis were so cheap!  We were amazed!  I have heard it depends on which ones though.  We just carried cards around that said where we wanted to go (thank you Concierge at the hotels) and we could take the normal taxis and not look for the English speaking (more expensive) ones.

The Renaissance said that we could check in about half an hour after we got there, so we sat and had breakfast.  Their buffet really is terrific, a decent mix of Western and Korean.  It's very expensive too, but we needed convenience this morning.  After eating we checked in and quickly put our gifts together, got approximate directions from the hotel (yikes) and tried to find SWS.  We obviously stand out because I will never forget the sweet girls who stopped and asked us if we were looking for SWS and gave us directions. :)  We were NOT headed in the right direction so I am very grateful for them!

We got there and sat down to wait.  I took pictures of the white board for friends who were waiting, and I tried to calm down.  We had made it, we weren't late, we were about to meet our boy!  Our son!  It was really hard to imagine that after all this time it was going to be real!  We met DS's Social Worker and got in the van to go to see him.  The first thing I noticed when we pulled into their apartment complex was the playground.  I wondered how much time Daniel had spent playing on it.  He's young but he's a mover and climber.  Our SW encouraged us to take some pictures before going up.  When the door opened there was a woman with a HUGE boy on her back!  I know this sounds funny, but the most recent pictures we had of him were from January.  He looked so much older.  At first glance he didn't seem like the same kid!  But a bit later we could see that the features were the same, just a bit more mature.  We also learned he likes to play rough, he likes to laugh.  My favorite memory is of him feeding me grape tomatoes over and over.  He thought it was hilarious! :)   Most of the connections with him came at the end, initially he didn't want to have anything to do with us.  But we left there feeling more positive, and hopeful that the next day would be even better (oh boy were we wrong...).
He was so busy it was hard to get a pic of his face,
by the time he relaxed with us we wanted to connect w/o the camera.

The last thing we did with SWS was go to see the Baby Reception home. 

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed.  We went out to lunch at a really good bbq place near SWS.  Then we went to see Changdeukdong Palace and in the evening we went on a food tour.  All things I'd definitely recommend. It's hard to find time to do all that you want in such a short time in Seoul.
 We both did well until about 10ish and then we were done each night.  The food tour went longer than that and we were completely wiped out when we got back to our room.

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