Monday, July 12, 2010

B and G's new room!

Our first step toward getting a nursery ready. Very strange to think about it already but exciting too. We anticipate that sometime during the coming year we will be adding to our family, likely during the school year. We knew that B and G needed to get used to sharing a room when B did NOT have school the next day so we bought bunk beds off of Craigslist and redecorated to make it nice for a boy and girl.

You can see a bit of Ben's military vehicles above his bed (with camo bedding, of course), and his moon and stars from Nonnie (my Mom) in the corner. Down below we have ladybugs, butterflies and flowers.

I apologize - this is the first time I've uploaded pictures to a post and I'm not having a very easy time, apparently. It sort of made everything wacky but I think you can get the idea. :) I do have
more pictures and there is more boy stuff in the room but my kids are in those pics. I'll get the up on facebook soon.


  1. Good job--I know it must have been a challenge to make a fun room for a boy and a girl!

  2. Hi Christy. Hope the summer zooms by for you and that referral comes soon!!