Friday, July 9, 2010

Family Fun Friday: Movie Review Toy Story 3

Anyone who knows me realizes that I would have gone to see Toy Story 3 even if I didn't have kids (Brian and I took M - Brian's then 12 or 13 yo brother to see Toy Story 2 in theaters). In this house we love all things Disney! Brian and I have decided that we both want to own Toy Story 3 whether the kids do or not! :) This is mostly my thoughts without many spoilers, maybe when it's been out longer I'll write more thoughts.

The plot: Andy is growing up and off to college. Mom asks him to figure out what to do with his toys. He packs them up for the attic but in typical teenage boy fashion gets distracted and leaves them in trash bag on the ground. They almost get thrown out but escape (in typical Toy Story fashion) to the donation box and end up at Sunnyside - a seemingly lovely day care. Then the very young kids come in and it's a nightmare for the toys. There is more to this plot that I will let people figure out beyond this but they are plotting their way back to Andy (especially the ever faithful Woody)!

My review:
It was an amazing movie! A must see - 5 stars! It was also a movie that made me cry more than I have since...well....Up - something about Pixar movies this year apparently. Ahem...anyway I definitely recommend that any Mom or Mom-to-be or anyone with emotions at all bring tissues! My college aged male cousin and my husband even found it pretty emotional! I scared my son - "Mommy, what's wrong?" "Mommy, why are you crying?" Apparently 3 and 6 year olds are completely immune to the emotions that are evoked by this movie! :)

Spoiler Alert****stop reading if you don't want to know...

It has a happy ending. It's a little bitter sweet but mostly happy! I definitely recommend it. I don't recommend movies without happy endings b/c I'm a sap. I even lack the desire to see Up again, though it was a great movie w/a somewhat happy ending. But Toy Story 3 I would definitely see again!

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  1. I would watch it myself without any kids!! Thanks for the review :)