Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Mailman is Missing!!!

I think someone abducted him! Quick - someone find out where he is! We haven't gotten ANY mail in 2 days (Saturday and today, I know that yesterday was a holiday) - and when you're waiting and waiting for the mail it is VERY noticeable when something strange like this happens. PLEASE just let him be running late today! PLEASE PLEASE let there be an I171H form in his bag that then appears in my box!
Hope the mailman is doing OK!


  1. ack! I remember those days of watching the mailbox! Hope he turns up, with your form, very soon!

  2. Myabe he lost your form when it got ledged in the seat??? He's trying to find it :) I hope he shows up soon!!!

  3. I can so relate. I stalked our mailman. lol. Hang in there - hurry up with that paper Mr. Mailman!!