Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How it's going so far...

G, her mom J, and the interpreter H have all arrived. It's definitely taking some adjusting for them to get used to the time change, the new area, culture, and food!

People are bringing us meals to help out, but I personally find this much more stressful. It's so nice of people to do it, and I would never want to tell them that but I enjoy cooking, it helps me relax in the evening, and I can accommodate the different tastes currently in our household. People aren't sure what to bring so I have a lot of food that either has to be stuffed into my already stuffed fridge or go down the disposal. I think I'm going to try to freeze some of it as well. My family can eat it in December when everything is crazy with the holidays! :) I'm also going to have to be at peace with wasting food, which is hard for me.

E is needing a bit of extra attention these days and I think her sleep schedule is also off. I feel like it's given me a peek into what's to come with a new sibling. Yikes! It does also confirm for me that we made the right decision to keep birth order with our kids. I know it works well for some families to adopt out of birth order and that's great, but I think we made the right decision for our family. I read "The Birth Order Book" by Kevin Lehman which is very enlightening and though I don't 100% agree with everything I thought he had some great insight. B is definitely the first born male (but the gentle type) and E is actually the 1st born female - which is possible. If the kids are different genders they can both seem like first borns. The past few months E has become a COMPLETE rule follower - possibly to her detriment (hmmm, who does she remind me of...anyone who knew me when I was younger would know). :)

G's surgery is on Thursday. She has a little cough so please pray that she doesn't get sick before surgery and that the surgery goes well! Thanks so much for all of the encouragement! This is definitely outside of my comfort zone and Brian has been working or doing school work at the library from sun up to bedtime every day so I'm feeling a bit lost. Your kind words help more than you know!!!


  1. Wow--I know what you mean about the meals helping....but not helping. It is hard to have company in general, but this goes above and beyond. When it gets hard, just remember that you are being the hands and feet of God to these people. Bless you for doing this.

  2. Praying for you all during this time and especially for G! I HEAR YA on the meals... I think we're just going to request that people not bring meals when we come home... Besides, my mom will be here and plans to have our freezer stocked, so we'll be set!

    And I agree about the birth order. I never thought about it until we took our adoption courses, but I think it's a good decision to keep the birth order as it is!

  3. That is a full and busy house. I'm sorry you are feeling lost. Sounds like you are centering everyone else though and taking really good care of them all.Thinking of you and praying for you all.

  4. Let me know if you want to get out for a playdate soon. Praying for your family as well as G's and her surgery!