Thursday, October 14, 2010

Little Boys (and girls)

My kids like me to sing to them before bed. Their current favorite is "Puff the Magic Dragon". It does make them a little uncomfortable though when Mommy starts to cry while singing:

Dragons live forever, but not so Little Boys
Painted Wings and Giant's Rings make way for other toys.

I try to hold it together to finish the song but I'm choking back tears from there to the end. I always sing the "made up" last verse too. Here it is for those of you who aren't familiar:

Then one day it happened
Puff woke from a dream.
He thought he'd heard a familiar voice
and Jackie's laugh it seemed.

He looked around the cavern,
and over by the door,
was a little boy with a piece of string
and a smile he'd seen before.

He said "Hello I'm Billy,
My dad gave me your name.
He said I'd find you in your cave
Along the Cherry Lane"

Puff that Magic Dragon
Smiled in his joy
He'd never be alone again
For this was Jackie's boy!!


  1. I guess I have never heard that entire song. I have some songs that I can't sing without crying either. I can't imagine what Isaac must be thinking when I've read him The Giving Tree!

  2. Awww - that song always makes me cry too.

  3. that song makes me cry too...every time!