Thursday, October 7, 2010

What I learned from 3 year olds today...

1. That I can share and talk to someone any day of the week and they can become my friend (or best friend).

I often talk to people and they stay acquaintances. G becomes great friends with those she meets and talks about them incessantly for a week or more even if we don't see them again in that time. A little strange but at the same time, it's great that she gives out love so easily and let's people into her life so easily. What a gift.

2. I don't need to worry.

This is something I struggle with so much. I need to just have faith and not worry. My friend's little girl was described as "not having a worry in the world" and I thought how wonderful to have that childlike faith.

3. If you love someone and are happy to see them, let them know it.

This isn't just from today but it hit me today. I am so thrilled with the joy and exuberance that G meets me with when I pick her up from church or PWOC or preschool. She is just so happy to see me and doesn't hide it one bit. Now I can show joy and excitement at seeing my children, but do I let other people know how happy I am to see them as well? Do they feel cared for when I talk to them? Lots to learn from little ones.

There are so many more things but these are a few that hit me today. I've learned SO much from my children. I'm pretty sure I've learned way more than I've taught them at this point. Just some points to ponder.


  1. awwww, how sweet :) i love that about kids...they don't hide anything they really are so pure of heart!

  2. I agree! I learn alot from my boys everyday...when I take the time to notice things like that.

  3. I LOVE these lessons. I'm going to start learning more from my girls now :)

  4. So true..the lil buggers can teach us so much! My 4 yr old was having such a hard adjustment to prek, and then I realized I hadn't been giving him as much good attention as usual. He was mainly getting fussed at for being so difficult! As soon as I started lovin on him a lil more, he totally changed! We forget sometimes what a lil love can do! Little people are the best :)

  5. Oh I have been such a bad blogger. SO happy to come across yours again. This parenting thing sure is amazing...every day they grow and every day we learn!