Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Project

OK, I decided a couple of months ago that I should pick up a hobby or something to get me through the wait. I decided I'd like to sew. I started looking on Craigslist for sewing machines, but every time I found a good one it was gone.
Brian went home to his parents for a couple of days this week (for a funeral, one of many factors in our past week) but while he was there his Mom generously gave us her old sewing machine. Now I'm going to learn how to sew.


Do you hear the crickets?

Where do I begin?

Any of you crafty ladies out there have some good recommendations? One thought is doll clothes, if I screw them up, E won't care. But someone said they're hard because they're small. What do you think? Where to begin? A simple project that can make me feel successful! Also, if it's something simple but cute that I could also give away as Christmas gifts, all the better (have to save up for the adoption)!



  1. Yes they would be hard! I would start with a wrap-around skirt? They are pretty easy. Curtains are also pretty easy, just straight lines. I have a project I want to do which is bird mobile at spool sewing, here:
    It doesn't look too hard! Good luck!!

  2. very cool! how about aprons? or dishtowels? things that are fairly easy but very useful? i love that you are putting your energy to work!

  3. one of my friends started with cloth napkins.

  4. Doll clothes would be horrible - so tiny!!! I would definitely do a skirt, like chubbymonkey said. You could do a simple a-line skirt - only two pieces of fabric, a couple seams, a hem, and some elastic. "Sew U: Built by Wendy..." is a great book that introduces the basics and includes patterns. Curtains are indeed straight lines, but I found them very difficult because you're working with SO much fabric. A skirt is simple, small, fun, and super usable.
    Good luck!

  5. I'm no help at all but yay for you doing something to help with the wait!

  6. I keep meaning to learn how to sew and haven't done it yet..maybe seeing your creations will inspire me to get to those lessons my grandma has promised.

    I've heared that curtains are easy b/c they are straight.

  7. I'd say something like a reusable grocery bag or a little play purse for E?

  8. I have picked up sewing again this year and this blog has been invaluable to me. Check it out, they have lots of tutorials and really cool projects (mostly for little girls, but still super cute).

  9. I'm no sewing genius either. These are on my list of things to sew...freakin' adorable baby shoes! Perfect if we get girl referrals! But they's stillbe a nice gift for someone else if we get boys!