Friday, February 25, 2011

Keeping occupied!

I'm still waiting and I haven't had a ton to write lately. I should write about Ella's USA day (it was today and adorable) and Ben's award (I need to brag on my boy) and life in general. But I haven't been terribly motivated. Maybe this weekend.

I have been keeping a bit busier. My kids' closet is almost cleaned out! I've been going through baby clothes, getting rid of too small or not cute enough to keep clothes. Keeping girls and boys separate (actually boy clothing is actually in the dresser, girl clothes in tubs to *likely* be donated - if I have to switch it around later, that's fine).

I got to see Sandra and "Little" Ben this week (E's name for Ben) and did some shopping (and eating) at Hmart. Also I made Kimbap for dinner one night and Japchae is set to be made (for the first time) tomorrow. Forgive my romanization - I'm never entirely sure how to spell Korean words that way.

I also saw my friend M and we're getting together next week as well. We've been friends since college but we're finally getting a bit better at taking advantage of living so close to each other. She volunteered to help take my mind off of the wait on her days off or days when she has a more flexible schedule. :)

Today I also bought a diaper bag. I've failed at not buying anything before referral but this is something I want for some upcoming travel we have anyway so it's not strictly baby related - just mostly. :) I have to say I really enjoy having the high chair sitting in our kitchen/dining area. It makes me smile at least once a day and makes the adoption feel just a bit more real.

Continuing to pray for God's perfect timing. Continuing to hope that His perfect timing is SOON!

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  1. glad you are finding things to keep yourself occupied...looking forward to seeing you this week!