Monday, February 21, 2011

You all rock!

Have I told you that before? Because you do. I'm going just a little crazy at this point, though I have complete faith in God's timing and I know I will be glad for this wait eventually. But I would be a WHOLE LOT CRAZIER without all of you!

H - you know this, I tell you often, I don't know what I'd do at all, adoption process or not, without you! Thank you for not getting frustrated by my current lack of focus on anything except the referral call, timing, traveling, etc!

Kelly Y - Again, I am just so thankful that this adoption journey has brought us together and made us friends! What an unexpected blessing!

My friends that are my "support group" on facebook - I love you girls and that has definitely helped me sanity! I look forward to the day when we can get our kids together to play!

Sandra and Grace - thank you! Thanks for getting together and being such an amazing source of support. Sandra, I can't tell you how much you have put my mind at ease or helped me keep my sanity many times.

My friends here who have left amazing, uplifting, and helpful comments - I can't thank all of you enough! You all have been such an amazing sense of support and I can't thank you enough!

My other IRL friends - thank you for supporting me and putting up with my insanity and lack of focus right now. Praying I can get a bit of that back soon.

My family - I can't ever thank them enough. I don't really have words for my amazing family and I love all of you (immediate and our HUGE extended family that is just fantastic!). Can't wait for M and T (<--can't wait to meet them!!!), G, K and D to all have a new little one to play with. Thanks for your amazing support.

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  1. hey, lady, YOU rock, too! so thankful for all the friends i've met through this process, including *you* ;)