Monday, February 14, 2011

What did I do this weekend?!?

I bought my first item for the baby!!! No referral yet but we're hoping soon. I'd originally said I wasn't buying anything until referral but I started thinking a bit more practically...only 2-3 months between referral and travel with LOTS to do. There are certain large-ish items that I wanted to look for on Craigslist so I needed to start browsing and jump when the opportunity arises. So....we bought a highchair! Nothing too exciting. It's fairly kid-looking, regular high chair but it met my criteria:
1. A wipe-off seat. I had both a wipe-off and a machine wash and I wanted to machine wash it every day! Not very practical for us. Probably part of my problem is that it was a replacement seat and I never thought it fit quite right either, but I just didn't like it. I'm happy to go back to the wipe clean variety.

2. A tray insert that pops off the tray and can go in the dishwasher. Big bulky trays don't fit well in the sink so I'm VERY excited about this feature! I've only used this at a friend's house and now we'll have that luxury of putting the insert into the dishwasher (or even having the insert fit well into the sink!).

Grrr! The picture I had didn't save to my desktop only snapfish. I'll have to take another and post it later. It's the Fisher-Price Rainforest one but the funny picture is one of B and E playing with the toy that is attached! Don't know if it's entertaining to a 1 year old but my 4 and 7 year old can't keep their hands off it right now. ;)


  1. Love it! A little shopping goes a long way for the soul.

  2. Exciting! I bet it makes it seem really real now!

  3. We have used the Fisher Price Rainforest high chair for both of our girls, and we love it! Every once in a while, I take the straps off and throw them in the machine with a load of laundry, and they're super easy to put back on. The wipe-clean seat is great! I don't know if yours is the same model, but ours has a reclining feature which was really nice when baby was just learning to eat solid foods and wasn't quite strong enough to sit up on her own. Sure beat feeding her in the bouncy seat!

  4. yay! so exciting! and i love that ben and ella are loving playing with it!

  5. Yeah...I beat you. We are waiting for travel and I still have no clothing. Not one stitch for the boy! :)