Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3 year old G - my little Backyardigan

G is cracking me up these days. She has an imagination that just astounds me. I'm not sure if it comes from having an older brother who has "played pretend" with her or what (B also has a great imagination though they tend to use them in different ways), but she seems to have a very vivid imagination for a 3 yo (this coming from her very unbiased Mommy, of course).

Today I was the little kid and she had to put me to bed. Then we were driving in the van and hiding from dragons and monsters (not sure where that came from) but then we realized it was a friendly baby dragon. We went on a walk, ended up at the playground and the playground was a pirate ship. Then we had to go into the woods to look for treasure. Once we found treasure we went looking for "bad guys" and found one - but it was a baby bad guy! (Who knew?) We got home and G decided she was my kitty and later she was my sister and B was the Daddy.

Sorry for the full explanation but I want to remember this so I'm writing about it. I'm truly treasuring her imagination so much. What a wonderful gift from God! :)