Friday, May 14, 2010

Family Fun Friday: My cousin's Commissioning

We're very excited for my cousin, A, today. He had his Commissioning into the Navy today. He is now a naval officer. Congrats A! We're proud of you.

Tonight or tomorrow (still up the air) we'll be attending a graduation party for him. We're excited to see him, my Uncle, Aunt, and A's 3 brothers all up from Florida! Hurray! I'm jealous b/c A's 3 brothers (sorry guys - easiest way to post here) are getting a tour of the Pentagon and I haven't had one yet. ;)

B was actually disappointed when I told him that we are going to a party instead of Taekwondo tonight. Usually he whines about going. Go figure. If the party is moved to tomorrow he'll be able to do both. ;)

G and I went to one of my favorite places today.....Wegman's!!! I'm a dork but I love Wegman's! It just makes me feel at home. I grew up with that as one of our main grocery stores, moved to the midwest and realized there's no such thing as a grocery store that cool any where else in the country! Then we moved to VA and Wegman's has actually moved down this way! Hurray!

Have a great weekend!

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