Friday, May 28, 2010

Family Fun Friday! (Taekwondo)

Hi! I hope you're all having a great day and a wonderful start to Memorial Day Weekend.

To kick off our weekend B had Taekwondo tonight and got his first stripe on his white belt! For those of you unfamiliar (as I was until recently) white belt is the first belt. Then they earn stripes on their white belt. After 3 stripes they test to become a senior white belt. Then they get 3 stripes and test for yellow belt. At yellow it becomes 4 stripes that they need for a senior yellow belt, etc. (green, senior green, blue, senior blue, red, senior red, black of varying degrees). Anyway, B got his first stripe on his white belt and he was VERY proud (as was I). :) Just wanted to share.

Not a lot of big plans this weekend. Brian is planning to get work done for his class next weekend. We're also hoping to get the bunk beds put together this weekend. It's nice that it's a long weekend. Hopefully we can get things done and relax a bit too.

It is Memorial Day weekend so I will also spend time thinking of loved ones we've lost and sending up extra prayers for our troops overseas.

Have a great weekend!

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