Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I spent Mother's Day flying to my baby boy!  Wow!  Such a blessing! :)  The trip was fantastic.  I slept for at least half of it.  Korean Air was great.  The flight attendants are beautiful (really!) and attentive, they always have a smile on their face.  The food was way better than expected.  I had Bee Bim Bop that was surprisingly good (I like Bee Bim Bop, the surprise was that airplane food was good) and Brian had the American food, he liked it a lot.  

I had some books on the Kindle and read a little.  I watched part of Jurassic Park.  I prayed.  My mind wandered to my sweet boy quite frequently, and I slept (I knew we were getting in at 4 am so I figured it was a good idea).  Breakfast in the morning was also good, I stuck with the continental breakfast (my stomach was slightly off by this time and in the morning normally I struggle to try new things) and it was really decent.  It was wonderful to touch down in Incheon.

When we got there we went through Immigration.  I had no problems but of course Brian did.  They saw his military back pack and possibly his hair cut and made an assumption and asked for his orders.  He was trying to communicate with them that he was not there on orders, he was just visiting.  It was only a couple of minutes but I didn't know what was going on since I had already gone through and I got nervous.  But he came through just fine.

We got our bags and went through Customs VERY quickly!  We exchanged money (definitely the best rates around at the airport - so glad we brought cash to exchange - we exchanged enough for the whole week).  

Then, after a bit of exploring, we found the correct KAL Limo Bus to get to our hotel but we had JUST missed it.  We had about 40 minutes until the next bus so we went in and found Dunkin Donuts.  I had a sticky rice-based donut that was actually a bit different but good.  And we had much needed coffee!  We got back to our stop and saw A and A with their families.  Some of the nicest people you could ever meet!  So we talked with them until we boarded the bus.  The KAL Limo Buses are fantastic.  I loved the ride into Seoul.  I was fascinated by everything I was seeing.  I took a lot of pictures though they only turned out OK since they were through a bus window.  I couldn't believe we were FINALLY in Korea!!!  Happy Mother's Day!!!!

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