Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seoul Day 2 - Meeting Our Boy!!! :)

OK, thanks to Megan who made my day by saying that waiting for this was like waiting for the next Harry Potter book!  Miss you and can't wait to see you again!!!!  Here it is....
We were greeted at the door by a woman with a toddler strapped to her back!  I couldn't believe how big (and how much older) my boy had gotten!!!  It's truly amazing when your most recent picture is 4 months old how much your child will change in that time!  Both foster parents were there.  I was thrilled that we got to meet his foster father!  Afterwards I was even more thrilled because we're pretty sure Suhbin was VERY close to his foster father.

We walked in and were invited to sit on the floor of the living room.  His foster family lives in a 3 bedroom apartment.  It was interesting because there is very little furniture and it is extremely child friendly!  They have mats down on the living room and bedroom floors.  They eat at what we would consider at coffee table, while sitting on the floor.  They were obviously more comfortable sitting on the floor and relaxing than we were.  I probably spend more time on the floor than Brian so I was able to relax more than he was at first.

Let me be honest.  The first 20 minutes were a bit torturous.  Suhbin was very clingy to his foster family.  When Foster Dad (FD) stood up and walked out of the room he cried and threw a huge fit.  He is very attached to FD!  At first we thought that we weren't going to get much interaction with him.  I really was afraid that he was going to ignore us until we left.  Fortunately, just as I was beginning to give up hope, he warmed up! :)   Thank you God!  He is amazing!  This boy LOVES to play!  He is active and likes to roughhouse!  He is going to have SO much fun with his siblings!  Unfortunately, a lot of our pictures did not turn out too well because he was so active that they were blurry.  Then I had to pay attention and give gifts to the foster family (which I was happy to do) while Brian got to play with Suhbin (I was jealous because he was so happy at this point!).  Toward the end he was feeding us food, smiling, playing, and just such a happy boy!  So glad we got to see his personality!  OK, I made you wait long enough.....

Initially staying very close to FM but finally allowing us close enough to look at the pictures we sent.

Playing with Brian

Fully engaged with toys and showing us that he likes anything that makes NOISE!


  1. I agree with Megan. This is such an exciting story. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Yay! I am loving all the updates.

  3. Tucker loves anything that makes noise too! I hope our paths cross again and our children can meet!

  4. Tucker loves any toy that makes noise too! We are extremely blessed to have meet you and your husband. We hope our paths cross again so our kids can meet and friendship can grow!

  5. Tucker loves any toy that makes noise too! Andrew and I are so grateful to have met you and your husband. We hope our paths cross again for our children to meet and our friendship to continue growing! We look forward to watching your journey continue! Love and Prayers, Andrew, Ashley, Tucker and Turbo