Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seoul Day 2 Part 3!

After meeting our boy we returned and went to the SWS baby reception home.  So sad to see babies now staying there until 6 months old before being able to be placed with a foster family because of all the delays.  There aren't enough foster families for all of these sweet children and it broke my heart.  It also was obviously very heartbreaking to our social worker.  Have I mentioned how great she was?  I really liked it her a lot!

The Newborn Room. 

The older baby room.  Can you imagine that this is all the stimulation some babies get until 6 months old?  And Korea has one of the best programs!  There are just too many babies and children are staying in Foster Families so much longer that they have to stay in the reception home longer. :(

When we left SWS we took a walk for a while and found a yummy Korean BBQ restaurant!  We had fun  trying to cook the food ourselves.  Since the people at the restaurant spoke zero English and we speak very little Korean, it was interesting how they came over and took over for us once or twice to make sure we were doing it right!  The food was delicious! :)   Here is a picture of our food (I have more, but I'm struggling to find them):

 After lunch we headed to Insadong.  What a great place!  We had rescheduled our food tour (I had scheduled it for Thursday b/c we were told SWS had an event on Thursday, but then they told us we would take custody that day.  Fortunately we were able to reschedule for tonight! - we actually found out AFTER our big lunch). :)  So we walked around Insadong a little, saw what a great area it was.  Poked around a couple of alleyways, then headed to Changdeukdong Palace.  What an amazing and beautiful place!  We loved it and walked around for quite a while.

After the palace we walked around Insadong a bit more then headed to our food tour which took place in the same area.  It was fantastic!  Daniel was adopted when he was 5 and was very congratulatory and shared some about his views on adoption.  It was really terrific.  The food was fantastic and the places we went were definitely not places we would have found by ourselves.  I would definitely recommend checking out their website and considering a food tour if you're headed to Korea: http://www.ongofood.com/

First Stop - Korean BBQ!  Yum!

 We then went to a place where they served Tofu.  It was strange but actually good (reserve judgement until you try!). :)  

OK, I really liked this place, this was a soup that had delicious rice cake noodle things and a chicken in it....
Then you add this stuff in your own bowl to your own liking with the soup.  It was really good!  

These two were HYSTERICAL!  We loved them and brought boxes of the honey candy home to share.  So fun! :)  You can watch similar videos on You Tube - search for Korean honey candy or something similar.

I'm still organizing my pictures, so hopefully I can add more later.  Sadly a lot of my Insadong pics were really blurry. :(  If anyone has good ones they want to email me I'd be very appreciative! :) 

We got back to the hotel fairly late and crashed.  It was a fun day, one of our favorites! :)  I still wish we had been able to spend more time in Seoul, but I know that there will be a day where we can do that as a family.

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