Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hurray and Thank yous!

OK, first off - SUHBIN'S  VI IS SCHEDULED FOR TOMORROW!!! :)  I almost didn't call today.  Last night I told Brian that I wasn't sure I could handle hearing no more news again.  I thought maybe I'd wait and call Thursday, maybe do every other day.  But he looked at me strangely and said that we are down to single digit days.  He didn't want it to stress me out but he thought it would be good to check for planning purposes.  Well, I called.  And the wonderful guy that answered the phone got my info and said, that his Visa Interview is scheduled for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!   WOW!  Finally!  This step is the part where I'm letting myself get excited!  My best friend said to me "Just think, next week you're going to meet your son!" and I was shocked.  It was almost too much - no way!  I'm actually going to meet him after all this time?!? 


I also mentioned some thank yous.  I want to start off by thanking my friend Becky.  I can not begin to tell you how much I have relied on her and been blessed by her friendship since moving here.  We met and started our friendship in the DC area and I was just so thankful that we were moving here together.  And each day I just thank God for such a wonderful friend! 
Last weekend she hosted a shower for us.  She kicked me out of the house, decorated, got food ready, and welcomed us back.  A couple of friends came and it was just an amazing afternoon!  I also want to thank Anna for the AMAZING cake she made - you can see it at the top of our blog.  I am beyond thankful and amazed at how blessed we have been.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Thank you to my friends who have listened to me obsess about this process for so long and are probably praying for it to be over so my brain can return somewhat to normal! :)  Especially H!  I love you and I couldn't have survived this without you and thank God for you (and M,C,B,C, and E) daily!!! 

Thank you so much to my amazingly supportive family!  Especially my parents who flew out here even though we didn't know for sure when we'd be leaving and have relieved such an amazing amount of stress!!! We love you so much! 

Hoping the next post has those magical letters in it.....T......C...... ;)


  1. YAY! I am so excited for you. Oh and tomorrow you should be getting a package from us.

  2. Hooray for wonderful friends! They make this journey so much sweeter. And hooray that you are finally, FINALLY!! Getting!! Close!!

  3. yaaaaay!!! i just love that you are in korea as i type this! whoohoooo!!!!