Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Book Worm Wednesday!

While I visited my parents I finished one book , read another, and started a third (that I finished soon after returning home). So here they are:

The Blind Side by Michael Lewis

Great book - a lot of football - one chapter I skimmed because it was pretty much all football! ;) I told my dad he should read it because there's so much football!
But it's also about adoption and about love and about breaking down boundaries. I highly recommend reading this. It's better than the movie (though I also enjoyed that) and I think it was very interesting to read after hearing Collins Tuoy speak at our adoption agency's Annual Conference. She was EXCELLENT! She shared so much and was inspiring to listen to. And Michael is such an amazing and interesting person. All that he's been through is heartbreaking and just amazing that he didn't fall into drugs, gangs, etc and not only survived but with the love of the Tuoys he has thrived!

Gurnsey Potato Peel Pie Literary Society by Mary Ann Shaffer

I was skeptical about the is book because a book told through letters is generally not my favorite style of writing. It didn't take long to forget that it was letters being written at all. This was a terrific book and I'd definitely recommend it. It's about an island off of England that was occupied by the Germans during World War II. A writer in London ends up in touch with someone on the island quite accidentally and becomes entwined in the lives of those on the island. She is intrigued by what they lived through and she eventually goes for a visit. You can find out the rest by reading it.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

This book is also about a writer in the 1960s. She lives in Jackson, Mississippi and was raised by her black maid (as were most children at the time). She was much closer to this person than to her parents and she came home from college to find her gone. Her Mom wouldn't tell her why and neither would anyone else. Over time she found herself drifting away from those she was close to in high school and disagreed with their view on how "the help" should be treated. Eventually she grows close to her friend's maid and the two of them start to write a book. Hearing the story from 3 different viewpoints is interesting. Parts of the book are absolutely heartbreaking but mostly it is a wonderful portrayal of the beginning of the changes that took place in this country and especially in the deep south in the 60's. Definitely keep reading, it took a chapter or 2 for me to really get into this, but it's worth the read.


  1. I'm afraid I'm out of the reading club for Thanks for the prayers. Things are getting much better!

  2. I read your comment from Loving Leah's blog and realized that we must be on about the same timeline. Although we are still waiting on our USCIS approval. We are also with Barker. It is great to connect with some other Korea adoption families! It will be fun to follow your journey, knowing we are close behind you!!

  3. I am reading The Help this month in my book club. I am super excited to get read this book. Glad to read that you liked it.