Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Poem: More Than Enough (Jamey Briscoe)

This poem was in an adoption e-newsletter that I get and I think it's well written. Just wanted to share.

More Than Enough
By Jamey Briscoe

My child, I know you have questions
about the mother of your birth.
And I don't have all the answers,
but this I know for sure.

She loved you enough to protect you
and do what she thought best
to keep you safe and healthy
and help you find happiness.

Maybe it was hunger
that she protected you from.
Or maybe she was ill
and knew neglect would surely come.

I do not know the reason
she chose to give you up.
But this one thing I know for sure,
She loved you more than enough.

And that was just the beginning
of the love that's felt for you.
God held you in his loving hand
and was there to see you through.

God watched over and protected you
though the times were tough.
He always had a plan for you,
He loves you more than enough.

And then half way around the world
we said our nightly prayer
and asked God if He could use us,
His love we wanted to share.

My child you were the answer
to our prayer that night.
God knew the love that we would share
as we both turned out the light.

Now, if you ever wonder
about your "forever family's" love
It's unconditional and unending.
We love you more than enough!

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